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With our system for success!

"A small assignment in Vienna, a second in Berlin, or just a photo shoot with our partner photographers in the studio, 10 minutes from where you live? Anything is possible."

Find your category!

Step 1:

At, you will find four different categories of models, divided into age groups.

Find your category on the home page, or in the menu. Please read through the information and content on our website to reassure yourself that Prestige Modelmanagement is the partner that you and your child want to place your trust in.

The Prestige Modelmanagement team has successfully been placing models internationally for more than 15 years for advertising and film projects as well as photo shoots and the runway.

Today, we know that models like 'you and me' are far more popular in advertising and the media than they were a few years ago. Prestige Modelmanagement is the exclusive platform for networking international child models and clients, as well as advertising agencies.

Prestige Modelmanagement brings models and clients together, and provides a platform for international model management for anyone who enjoys modelling.


The first step to success in the modelling industry

Complete the application for your child!

Step 2:

The application is 100% free of charge, and non-binding.

Complete the application form for your child in full, and upload a few (maximum 5) carefully chosen images that clearly show your child. For us as an agency, it is important that all your information is correct, and that your details reflect the truth. Only in this way can we guarantee long-term placement success.

Every day, we receive a wide range of enquiries for models and extras, and are seeing normal people become increasingly relevant.

Apply as a model now


Together, we pave the way for a successful future

"Your booking code is your entrance ticket to an exciting new world!"

You receive your confirmation!

Step 3:

Our trained and experienced team reviews your application within a few days, and if your application is successful, you will receive a contact e-mail with a telephone number and a final booking code. This code is then also your personal identification with Prestige Modelmanagement.

You should then call us immediately. Our team will then go through the full registration with you. As part of this, will we will confirm all your details, and your child will be on the books as a Prestige Modelmanagement model. You will then receive your private access to the exclusive world of Prestige Modelmanagement.

You have your own profile that now opens the world of modelling to your child.

  • Self-administration
  • Online booking card
  • Personal support
  • Active online and offline application
  • More than 15 years' experience
  • Prestigious client network
  • Best references
  • Well-qualified team and experienced scouts


A new world awaits you and your child

Congratulations, you've done it!

Step 4:

Your little one is now a child model! You, or you and your child, can now upload more pictures of your child to ensure he or she is visible and interesting to customers and advertising agencies. Highlight your child's diversity and particular characteristics to ensure he or she is in the limelight.
Prestige Modelmanagement will now create a booking card for your child, and you can update, swap and vary your photos however you wish in your personal login area.

This is also where the contact between customers or clients and the models takes place. Your child's details are now visible to all accredited customers and advertising agencies. We, of course, select our customers carefully, and always ensure that there is a good relationship between the models and the clients.

All data is encrypted when it is sent. If you have any questions about this, you can find further information under (Help) in the FAQ area.

"Security and customer satisfaction are among our guiding principles."

Apply as a model now


It's all about your child!

"The most important thing is to be yourself!"

Your child's first assignment!

Step 5:

The big moment has arrived, and the first casting or assignment is about to happen! Sit down together and read relevant articles about your assignment in our blog. Whether it's a commercial, or an outdoor photo shoot. Make sure you and your child are well prepared.
Our blog can be viewed only by our Prestige models, and provides you with valuable help and various ways of preparing your child for the different assignments. But the emphasis should always be on fun.

But the most important thing is always:

Be yourself!

After all, that's why your child was chosen and invited. Customers asked for your little darling, and so don't want anyone else. Give of your best, and impress, move or fascinate your customer – they hold your future in their hands.





Why is the application photo in particular so important, and what should you avoid?

The application photo is very important, because it is the first thing our Casting Team, and then our customers, get to see. Of course you, as a user of the platform, can swap and change your photos yourself at any time using your personal password/login. You can also add new photos of your child in the online booking card.

What should you really avoid on the application photo?

  • Photos where the face is not clearly identifiable
  • Smudges or dirt
  • Out of focus photos
  • Poor quality photos
  • Unflattering subjects (appropriate poses, or your child is virtually unrecognisable)
  • Photos of naked children
  • Several people on the photo
Apply as a model now


What you need to remember.

Follow the pointers below to provide us with photos we will be happy to use.

  • Use only current photos of your child (no more than 3 months old, please)
  • Make sure your child is alone on the photo, and is as recognisable as possible
  • Make sure you have good lighting, and that your photos are in focus
  • You can also use photos taken by a photographer