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Models like you and me

Every child has the chance to become a child model! The child modelling agency Prestige Modelmanagement has its headquarters in VIENNA as well as offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and in many other countries. We place sweet, lovely babies and young children aged 0 to 2 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the whole of Europe and worldwide via an online profile/booking card.
We place all our baby and child models via the internet using state-of-the-art technology and online profiles/booking cards. Only reputable customers and clients have access to our database via a personal password and login.


  • International customers
  • Most stringent security standards
  • No application fees


The first step to success as a child model

We want your child to have fun! Is your child aged between 0 – 2 and do you dream of your darling one day starring in a promotional film or advertising campaign? Or do you want to see your child smiling out from brochures and catalogues or a billboard? Or maybe your child will get a part in a film or an advert? If that's what you want to achieve, your child is perfect for our child model agency! Our customers search for all kinds of child models. Very different types of children are often in demand:

Big and small, blond and dark – long or short hair, pretty as a picture and quirky, with freckles or turned-up noses, light or dark skin, sweet and cheeky babies and children from every nation.

The main thing is your child enjoys it, and maybe has that certain something that's just what the next advertising or fashion campaign is looking for?

Why use babies in advertising?

  • Children's faces are eye-catching and part of virtually all advertising.
  • Children represent honesty, fun, joie de vivre and vitality.
  • Advertisements using children appear lively, future-oriented and honest.
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Experience and quality make child models overnight!

Our website tells you all you need to know about our child model agency, and how your child can become a successful young model.

We ask parents to complete the application form online and then upload photos of their child. Our Casting Team will then assess your child's application and we will let you know within one week whether your child can be accepted to our pool of child models.

We offer:

  • Personal booking card
  • Personal user area
  • Self-administration
  • Many years of experience
  • Ongoing Google campaigns
  • International connections


Complete safety at all times with Prestige Modelmanagement

We want your dreams to come true. At Prestige Modelmanagement, we place great emphasis on data protection, and value our models' and clients' confidence. This is why all the profiles are available exclusively to approved clients and our customers.
Access to all online profiles/booking cards requires a password/login, because we take the data security of the children we place very seriously.

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Prestige Modelmanagement has successfully placed countless child models in the past.

Many of our customers value our fast and personal support and individually tailored solutions. There's good reason why we've been working continually with some children for more than 15 years.

Satia, 1
"Our little Satia is a real magnet for good humour, everyone loves her! For us, there was no question: She had to go into advertising! The team at Prestige Modelmanagement really did a great job!" – Satia's mother


Romy, 1
“Romy had 2 appointments within less than two weeks from the team at Prestige Modelmanagement. Really good work." – Romy's father


Find the perfect model for your campaign!

Are you a photographer, advertising agency, film producer or other organisation...

and are you looking for pretty, charming child models for fashion, advertising, film, photos, promotional campaigns, corporate films and commercials, or the runway? Simply select your little star for your next project from our enormous database of child models. We are happy to help you in making your selection. Whatever your query - just give us a call.

Prestige Modelmanagement supports you as a client in quickly and cost-effectively finding the right models for your projects. We offer a broad selection of different models, promotional faces and characters for various projects. Whether you're an advertising agency or editor looking for the right model, a photographer seeking people for a professional photo shoot, or a TV production company needing particular candidates/extras/actors etc. - we're here to help you in your search! Search, find, and book online immediately.

  • There are no costs involved for clients and customers.
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